Sunday 29th of December 2019, 21:04
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hey, can someone just clarify some basic rules and do and donts
For trad Pom? No hate please!?

I’ve seen teams have ariels at certain comps and placed a couple of points higher than our own team... so we also added them in thinking “wow we are so wrong you can do them” but for infected and told never to do that again.

So what’s the deal? We love trad Pom and have been doing it for a number of seasons while the girls get their technique up (which is coming along nicely) for Pom.

So what’s your recommendations - I can’t find any guidelines anywhere for it
Click to reply to this post | Mon 9th Dec 2019 - 07:29
It's a division the UK made up so each EP has their own rules. It's not anything IASF have rules for.

I would check with each company you plan to compete with and ask for their rules for the division.
Click to reply to this post | Thu 19th Dec 2019 - 12:10
If your Scottish we do not allow aerials at any of the competitions anymore. A group of coaches got together and approached all the EP’s. No walkovers either.
Reply from @post4
Click to reply to this post | Thu 19th Dec 2019 - 12:15
@post3 do you have a source for that?
Click to reply to this post | Fri 20th Dec 2019 - 13:28
Yea we are Scottish.

I’m finding it hard to find any rules for trad pom ANYWHERE. Do you think m I should just approach the EPs myself?
Click to reply to this post | Sun 29th Dec 2019 - 21:04
If your Scottish message any of the other teams who currently do it - Blast, Galaxy, SSCD. When I spoke about this previously there was a chat set up with this confirmed from EPS.
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Mon 25th Jan 2021, 22:02
I don’t think cheer will ever be the same again!!
If it is it will be a few years from now.. Just concentrate on your school work .. the cheer world could disappear unfortunately in all this Covid crap x but your career and your future should always be your main priority especially in these awful times
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Thu 21st Jan 2021, 10:02
Does Gary work for Future Cheer
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Wed 20th Jan 2021, 12:44
@post64 USASF have said it will either be virtual or in person. Which sounds to me like they aren't sure of the position with Disney either. Disneyworld still haven't opened half of their hotels up. They have reduced capacity in all parks. I'm struggling to imagine Disneyworld is forcing USASF to run their event right now. Its in Disney's interest to let this year slide again and not encourage thousands of teenagers onto Disney property.
In response to: Worlds ??
Tue 19th Jan 2021, 12:35
Don't forget the contract of sale for entry fees is been between the EP and the Team/Uni for x number of athletes, not between the EP and each individual named athlete.

When you paid your entry fee you paid it to the Uni so your contract of sale is between yourself and the Team/Uni. Therefore you will need to speak with the Team/Uni to recover your funds not the EP.
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