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Monday 13th of May 2019, 18:19
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I’m sorry but it has to be said

Why are RSD posting saying they would be 7th in the world had they not got deducted ? That’s like Finland saying they are second in the world cause that’s what they got day 1? When Infact they finished in 5th?

They don’t know what would have happened Day 2?

They should know better than anyone they placed 9th one day at USASF and finished 11th. ??

It’s really quite embarrassing
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I think it's regarding icu! As if you don't have enough athletes they give you a deduction so before the deduction that's what they would have placed !
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They can’t claim to be 7th In the world when they didn’t compete day 2 to actually know where they would have placed ? Anything can happen on day 2 and the entrie division flipped order so how can they claim to be 7th when they were not a part of it to know
Click to reply to this post | Wed 1st May 2019 - 20:33
It’s silly because they know they get a deduction every single year, so I don’t know why they act like it’s a shock with “unfortunately”. It’s not unfortunate, they know they aren’t following a very specific and easy to understand rule.

They should just celebrate that in silence if they, in their own minds, know they’d have scored above a certain team. It’s not something to celebrate when you get an infraction for your country year-on-year. And as for “being a small country and not having enough dancers”, I’m sure they’d have juniors to use for a true “Team Wales Senior Pom” if they didn’t use the Leading Ladies routine and girls. It’s a conscious choice to not put any effort to being “team wales” so it is annoying to see them trying to act like they deserved better.
Click to reply to this post | Thu 2nd May 2019 - 13:37
Agree with everything said above however should it not be sportcheer Wales now stepping in and putting a stop to the constant rule breaking ? It looks really bad on their country that they cannot follow one simple rule and have now continuously broken it? There lots of country’s I’m sure that struggle to make the number requirements and more than likely have to put less experienced dancers on the floor but if that’s what is required then you do it? They are literally giving the rule book the finger up !
Click to reply to this post | Thu 2nd May 2019 - 14:15
I also think it is poor, saying 'we like a little warm up at ICU before dance worlds', it makes it seem like ICU is not important and I find it quite insulting, a lot of people would welcome the opportunity, in the few years I have been going to worlds it has been the same with RSD at ICU - stick to the rules, and I also agree,someone should be stepping in and questions this as it is constant and blatant and as the above post said - it is like giving a finger to the rule book and also every other country who go - give it to someone else who will value it for what it is and stick to the rules!
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so you’re all talking bad about them but yet you still went on facebook, read all their posts and then came on here where you know it’s anonymous so you can say whatever and no one will find out who you are. if you have an issue with how they handled the situation then message them instead of talking about them on an anonymous website
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Totally agree with @post7! It's a shame some people just like putting others down!
Click to reply to this post | Wed 8th May 2019 - 11:24
stop breaking the rules then or let someone else represent Wales, ICU is not a 'warm up' for dance worlds!!
Click to reply to this post | Wed 8th May 2019 - 12:01
Why do they not go unified then like England and Scotland ? Crazy to represent country knowing they can't place high , yes agree above must be trial to them for dance worlds , that's a bit selfish if others want represent .
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I feel there's a lot of nasty comments on here and you obviously don't know their reasons!!! being so bitchy about it is not acceptable !!!
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They themselves say they use ICU to shake the nerves off before Dance Worlds
Click to reply to this post | Thu 9th May 2019 - 12:29
Do you have to pay to enter ICU? If so how much? Because I feel like if icu is expensive then it’s just a huge amount of money to waste if you’re going to be disqualified/place last in anyway? I understand wanting to get rid of nerves but it seems an unnecessary waste of money if so
Click to reply to this post | Sun 12th May 2019 - 13:53
the thing is, everyone is literally quoting their facebook posts then coming on here to bitch about them, if you don’t like the way they do things then don’t go looking for their pages. facebook message them if you have an issue because you clearly know their names
Click to reply to this post | Mon 13th May 2019 - 17:05
you obviously are not aware of the procedures put in place so that Team Wales can be represented in as many divisions as possible at the ICU Worlds. If you were to do some actual research, you would find that last year SportCheer Wales implemented a new development plan for there to be Welsh representation at the ICU Worlds with best interest in mind. The plan states that "the representatives for team Wales dance categories will be a team that has received a USASF worlds bid." therefore RSD are eligible, as per SportCheer Wales plan, to be Team Wales Freestyle Pom and Freestyle Jazz because they had obtained a USASF worlds bid in both of those divisions. In addition to this it also states that " In cases where this could be more than one team, a decision will be made by impartial external judges to choose between teams that have expressed interest." however there has only ever been one welsh team in each as there is only one welsh pom and one welsh jazz team that attends the USASF worlds - which automatically puts rsd up for selection to represent team wales in those divisions.
Therefore regardless of whether it is a "warm up for dance worlds" or not, they are still the only Welsh pom team to attend with a USASF bid, so they are still able to dance at the ICU Worlds if they please. Following this point, the plan also states that if the team is not big enough, then ICU allows them to still compete but with a 35 point deduction, therefore they will be aware of the deduction prior to deciding whether or not to compete. Because there is no unified team wales freestyle pom team and no other welsh pom team, rsd are the automatic choice for the team wales pom team, should they choose to take it. As it states, the team needs to have a USASF bid, so by competing they are actually warming up for Dance Worlds as that is what they came to compete in, and ICU Worlds was an add on because of their eligibility in line with SportCheer Wales development plan.
So, there is option for other teams to represent if there comes a time when there is one, as another welsh team did in 2016 when RSD did not attend. It is also not breaking the rules, as ICU still allows them to compete. Finally, they do not get disqualified for competing, they just incur a large deduction to majorly reduce the likelihood of them qualifying for day 2, so they just don't qualify - and sometimes don't even place last! Yes they were not part of day 2 at ICU worlds because they were aware they had obtained such a large infraction, so they were justifying why they had not qualified and how they would have done if they had not qualified - just like when your favourite homegrown team says they "placed nth - but 1.5 points behind first!"
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@post15 thank you!!
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Sat 17th Aug 2019, 21:18
it's true though isn't it it, look at the starting line up for cheer then look at the kids that actually went, many pulled out along the year and kids had to be pulled in that hadn't originally got in to fill the places. if this was a national football team and the biggest pool of talent (let's not deny it the only two teams that compete at this level are goldstar and jc so therefore the majority of the best athletes in the country are going to be there for cheer anyways) you would be asking why arnt we putting our best foot forward. this will only happen once there is a fair and unbiased system in place and no one can blame these teams for staying clear of this until there is a better system. i applaud every kid that goes for this but it's a national team, it's just about giving these kids the experience it's about doing our best and not being a laughing stock when we step out of the mat because the kids arnt anywhere near ready for this level of competition
In response to: Team Scotland Coaches
Sat 17th Aug 2019, 21:02
Omg your all embarrassing ..broken records .. violins out 🎻
In response to: Team Scotland Coaches
Sat 17th Aug 2019, 20:40
It’s the CDC and Rockstar machine now, if it was fair people would be jumping at the chance to compete but it is NOT! Teams also don’t want to lose athletes to CDC coaches from getting in there ears! What coaches would want to send their athletes knowing what’s going to happen! I salute them for not sending them! TS could be amazing
In response to: Team Scotland Coaches
Sat 17th Aug 2019, 19:50
because some teams do not need to fall into line and work under a shady system for their athletes to be successful so choice not to be involved.
In response to: Team Scotland Coaches
Sat 17th Aug 2019, 19:14
Having read all comments I can’t understand why all Scottish teams can’t come together!
In doing so creating an amazing elite team of athletes,instead people are choosing to criticise those willing to stand up & be counted.
Teams such as JC & gold star would bring a lot to team Scotland however as both teams don’t seem to be involved then why knock CDC.
Having been to comps in Scotland & England CDC without question have amazing coaching staff with a wealth of experience & success.In my opinion I would be delighted for my child when old enough to compete as part of a national team.This is definitely something for children to be proud of...why any coach would stop a child participating is beyond me!!!!
In response to: Team Scotland Coaches