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Monday 13th of May 2013, 14:48
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Administrator (315) | Tue 7th May 2013 - 17:59

UK Cheer Forum Terms and Conditions

The UK Cheer Forum allows people to post in real time without requiring a login. This is how UK Cheer Forums have worked historically and is something that should potentially be phased out over time. The advantages of this are an active forum, fast posting and fast responses. However, this type of forum has the potential to be abused by people who do not follow the posting guidelines.

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UK Cheer Forum moderation guidelines

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1) Threads must relate in some way to cheerleading, which in turn is indirectly related to the UK cheerleading community. Acceptable example: Aren't Topguns new uniforms amazing?!? Unacceptable example: Wayne Rooney shouldn't play for England.
2) Freedom of speech, personal opinion or constructive factual reviews (whether positive or negative) about groups of people, i.e. teams and organisations is acceptable. Acceptable example: Team A's stunts are so bad they don't deserve to be in level 4.

Personal identification

1) Naming individuals is acceptable regarding cheer related issues. Acceptable example: Person A is very good at tumbling but their stunting isn't good enough for level 6.
2) Unnecessary abuse of individuals is unacceptable. Unacceptable example: Person B is so fat they will never be able to back tuck.
3) Supplying information about an individual's personal life is not acceptable.
4) An extra level of privacy protection should be given to minors, those under 16 years old.


1) It is unacceptable to make unsubstantiated statements about an individual that could be damaging to their reputation. Unacceptable example: Someone told me that person A had sex with an underage cheerleader they were coaching.

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1) Naming / linking to company websites selling products online is not allowed. Unacceptable example: You can buy cheer apparel from http://www.mycheerstore.com.
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Administrator (315) | Mon 13th May 2013 - 14:48
Change log:

Added: Note that [event photos password] won't be available on this public forum
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** Read before posting - Terms and posting guidelines
Monday 13th of May 2013, 14:48
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Thu 14th Nov 2019, 06:23
I agree the training should be split between the north & south of the country. If it’s a national team but all the training is down south no wonder they don’t get that much support or involvement from northern teams.
In response to: Team England tryouts
Wed 13th Nov 2019, 16:34
My unis rec team performed sideline at uni and sometimes professional basketball games and had a routine for half time (sort of a level 1/2 pom and cheer mix to make sure everyone could be involved safely). Juts a bit of something for everyone really, it depends on your athletes
In response to: Recreational uni cheer
Wed 13th Nov 2019, 15:08
I know a few university teams who have competitive teams, and then for those not wanting to compete they'll do sideline/match day cheer, slightly more recreational and you can teach all elements, pom/stunt/tumble without the stress of competitive routines etc.
In response to: Recreational uni cheer
Wed 13th Nov 2019, 14:37
Just wondering for rec teams, what sort of things do you do? Do you work towards a performance? Do you do sideline cheer, etc?
In response to: Recreational uni cheer
Wed 13th Nov 2019, 13:38
You can email the admin or use the facebook group message
In response to: moderattors