Paracheer tryouts
Saturday 4th of July 2020, 22:06
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I tried out for Paracheer as a disabled athlete last year and didn't get in. I strongly believe this is because I can't tumble, however, this is not an issue for athletes in wheelchairs. I honestly think what the team looks for is generally very high level cheer ahletes, and then people with visible disabilities regardless of their cheer ability. They certainly don't seem to want disabled athletes who have the same skills (or lack of skills) as those in wheelchairs, etc. I had to stop cheer when I became disabled, so it's a shame that one of the only Paracheer teams in the country is a world's team.

Anyone know of anyone on the team who's not an elite cheerleader or has a visible disability? I know in their first year there was a girl with CF, but she had level 4 skills anyway.

I swear if I tried out in a wheelchair, or with a visible disability, and changed nothing else, I'd get in.
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Unfortunately, as it is a world's team they are looking for high level skills. I don't know how to say this without sounding rude but Does your disability affect your ability to tumble? Part of paracheer is about adaptations so I guess their argument would be that it is impossible for the wheelchair users to tumble. I understand that quite a few people on the team do have invisible disabilities - there is a set percentage they have to have of athletes with disabilities.

Is there a cheer team local to you maybe approach them to see if they have considered having a paracheer team? If they know there is interest they might look to do something.
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Or maybe you’ve got a poor attitude and that’s why they wouldn’t take you?
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I think it’s a good idea that you haven’t been accepted. I don’t think they need someone so unsupportive on the team.
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Are you aware that you just insulted all the seated based on that team?! They got on that team because of skill, talent and a national team athlete character. You have just admitted to having none of those qualities. You obviously have no understanding of what the team does, requires or means. Rather than post on a forum, ask for feedback and work on your own flaws instead of pulling other people down.
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Paracheer does have athletes who can't tumble to a high level both with and without disabilities on the current years teams. There's definitely some non-seated disabled athletes who don't tumble on the teams. They also have plenty of athletes with invisible disabilities - and have turned away people with visible disabilities.
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Not every wheelchair user that tried out got on this season as well as previous seasons. There have been plenty of people on the team with invisable disabilities. I’m sure it must have been disappointing to not make TE but There are a few all star paracheer teams. The ones I know of are Stoke, Bristol and Cambridge. Maybe contact your local teams asking if they’d be able to offer a paracheer team or stunt group
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Just want to ask:
Ever tried partner stunting or even normal stunting in a wheelchair?
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None of us can know if you deserved that spot or not. BUT I do believe athletes with disabilities should take priority over athletes without disabilities. They had girls crossing over to both teams last year - they were athletes without tumbles and with limited stunt ability (level 2 max!) that does seem wrong if disabled athletes of a similar or higher skill level werre turned away
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How do you know their stunt and tumble ability?
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There are athletes on paracheer who don’t have elite skills and also aren’t para athletes so I’m not sure what they’re looking for exactly but I suppose it depends who tries out and what stunt groups they can make of those people, maybe it just wasn’t your year and you should try again?
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There are no athletes on paracheer with under level 3/4 stunting ability! You must remember it’s a national team so the coaches are looking for athletes with or without a disability to do the country justice and proud so regardless if an athlete has a disability or not they must be coach able, willing to learn and at a high standard showing elite skills. It doesn’t matter how talented you are but if you have a bad attitude and say negative information on a forum about this team then maybe TE isn’t for you.
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I don’t think cheer will ever be the same again!!
If it is it will be a few years from now.. Just concentrate on your school work .. the cheer world could disappear unfortunately in all this Covid crap x but your career and your future should always be your main priority especially in these awful times
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