Hi all,

I need your help! I am conducting an investigation for my Journalism MA into whether the UK cheerleading scene is doing enough to protect its athletes.

Please can you drop me an email at ukcheerleadingstudy@gmail.com if you have any experiences or opinions on the below topics:

- Questionable coaching styles (bullying, rough, harsh, abusive), or moments when you have seen or heard of coaches taking things 'too far' in your opinion
- Inappropriate actions from coaches or athletes (inappropriate relationships, comments, actions)
- Ignored reports to those in authority of the above experiences
- Concerns for your child, your own, or another athletes welfare due to coaching styles or actions

Questions I will investigate:
As the UK cheerleading scene grows, how can we ensure we do not neglect the welfare of our athletes?
Is 'tough' coaching needed to produce the best athletes? How far is too far?
Are we prioritising the wellbeing of young athletes in the sport or their performance?

Identities will be protected and you can remain anonymous if that's what you request. Please only valid experiences.

Thank you in advance. I really appreciate your help with my study.