International AG6
Tuesday 15th of October 2019, 13:55
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What’s everyones expectations this season for this division?
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Who’s in the division? I feel like it’s not clear who’s doing what yet
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Ruby is FULL of talent this year (I'm sure other teams are as well)
I'm expecting them to do great things this year
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@post2 this is a list of the team. Not predictions
Unity Ruby
Crimson Fury
PSC Gemini
SACA Crush
Gymfinity Ladies of the Crown
Cheerforce Lady Knights
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Think people are forgetting the current Bronze World Champs, Ellipse...
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@post5, didn't they drop to 5?
Click to reply to this post | Wed 9th Oct 2019 - 23:30
@post5 nope not forgetting them but this post is about the all girl level 6 division. Ellipse is level 5
Click to reply to this post | Thu 10th Oct 2019 - 00:37
Ellipse are gonna kill level 5 this season omg
Click to reply to this post | Fri 11th Oct 2019 - 14:11
Really looking forward to seeing Ruby and Fury. Was also very impressed with PSC last season - really strong considering it was their first season at that level.

Who else is in IO5 with Ellipse? I think they could definitely globe again.
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Elipse should of gone to AG 6 especially when they globed in that division anyway! Why drop down?
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@post10 it was a smart move by Rising Stars to make Ellipse level 5 and Midnight level 6. Tumbling was never the strongest area for Ellipse (although it's relatively less important on the Worlds scoresheet) and they have amazingi boy tumblers on Midnight so it makes sense to move athletes around to create two really strong teams that will score well in their divisions. Also, no US teams in IO5 so a good chance to globe again although there are some strong UK, Canadian and Australian teams.
Click to reply to this post | Fri 11th Oct 2019 - 21:36
Oh okay, can see why they did it then, makes sense..
Click to reply to this post | Sat 12th Oct 2019 - 20:07
I think IO5 is:


So still quite a big division and still a fight for day 2 at worlds
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@post13, Is it just me who is disappointed to see Ellipse and ICE change division? They both had their best years yet at worlds so it seems a shame to change levels rather than continue to build on their success!
Click to reply to this post | Sun 13th Oct 2019 - 19:12
Have Zodiac got a bid?
Click to reply to this post | Sun 13th Oct 2019 - 21:29
I’m not disappointed atall I think they are now set up to do even better in their new division. Technically they chose to stay in IO5 and all the other teams moved up a level.
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I think there taking the easy way out just to globe they only care about the winning
Reply from @post18
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Agree 100% @post17 they have completely taken the easy route!!
Click to reply to this post | Mon 14th Oct 2019 - 08:50
@post16, not really. The names of the divisions changed. In IO5 they will be competing easier skills then they did to get their globe this year
Reply from @post23
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Why stay in a division if you can’t max out?? It was a better decision to drop and then max our all areas,, simple as.. more teams should def think about doing it..
way too many in the wrong divisions still it’s embarrassing to watch
Reply from @post21
Click to reply to this post | Mon 14th Oct 2019 - 15:38
@post20, it is the right decision for many teams but I don't think it is for RS. They came third at worlds 2019 (an amazing achievement) dropping a level makes it look like they are after an easier win.
Reply from @post22
Click to reply to this post | Mon 14th Oct 2019 - 16:58
@post21 It's not just about Ellipse, the move to IO5 also impacts Midnight. If RS had two teams worth of athletes with doubles, standing fulls and solid, elite level 6 stunting, then your comment would be fair enough. But they've moved lots of athletes between Midnight and Ellipse to form two, very strong, but still level appropriate teams. I'd rather see an amazing level 5 routine than a so so level 6 and pushing athletes to perform skills that they're not quite ready to compete is a recipe for injury. We always talk about perfection before progression and that applies at Worlds level too.
Click to reply to this post | Tue 15th Oct 2019 - 00:03
@post19 it’s not simply a change of name though. If you look at the rules for last years r5 and this years Level 5 they are very different. Stunt wise old and new level 5 are pretty much the same so ellipse will be competing the same level stunting they did last year. The differences are in tosses and tumbling which yes they will be competing easier skills in than last season but it makes sense for rs to put all their stronger level 6 tumblers on the same team. This way they can max out for both teams. When they have enough people to fill 2 teams with level 6 tumblers they will move up a level, until then what’s the point in entering a division that they can’t max out the score sheet on
Click to reply to this post | Tue 15th Oct 2019 - 13:55
RS have looked at the bigger picture how can they have 2 strong successful worlds teams that can max out the scoresheet, .By dropping ellipse to io5 the stronger tumblers from ellipse have moved to midnight and it’s allowed for other athletes that have the stunting skills but not tumbling to experience worlds too.
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Monday 13th of May 2013, 14:48
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Wed 5th Aug 2020, 02:25
I just don’t think you can claim to be “a Scottish team” if the coaches that are involved don’t train their own teams. No one is also expecting anyone in TS to have that their sole livelihood, don’t many coaches have other jobs anyway ? So how can the professionals on TS not just be qualified coaches that don’t have their own program. It’s not rocket science
I’m not sure how it works in other sports ? Does national teams managers still continue to manage a personal team /club , along with a national status ? What’s the deal with football ? Does the Scotland manager still manage a premiership team ? I don’t think so ? Conflict of interest I imagine

We shout about wanting recognition, no bias , fair play , but the facts are the Cheer and dance industry in Scotland is not fair play. It is not as simple as you win and your the best or not. There is politics involved, judges friendly with coaches , coaches purchasing choreography from Americans when they should do it themselves. Coaches poaching athletes from other teams etc . It can’t just be support one another when it’s not a level playing field. It’s bitchy and backstabbing , jealously and cliche .. within clubs / outwith clubs , nature of all sports. So In order to make some control of it all the rules should be clearer . Team Scotland should be coaches who don’t have their own clubs ( but obviously jobs outwith) and coaches should be reprimanded if they approach athletes from another club saying “come to us” it’s simply unethical , heartbreaking for those coaches who have tried to better their students and who have trained those kids for years . The fact is the coach who is poaching is self centred , who doesn’t care about the sport it’s their own self gain wherever it’s happening. The have no value or respect for these teams they target the children from.

I genuinely feel sorry for the passionate and very talented coaches who try to do it their way and build their teams from nothing. If my daughters ever have schools of their own I will fully encourage them to not poach , not pay someone else to do what I’ve spent all my money on teaching them how to do it themselves.
Time this country valued those who put the work in and do achieve the results making it to The Dance Worlds etc. It can be done , JC , goldstar , Brisbane etc. Talented Scottish coaches not paying Americans to do their jobs .
If you can’t coach your work for your own program you shouldn’t be coaching for the national team , end of story - what a joke .
Why should anyone take it serious when coaches don’t value or respect each other !
In response to: Poaching
Wed 5th Aug 2020, 00:54
In an ideal world TS coaches would of course be at the top of their game and employed solely to coach for our country!!! Im sure alot of sports have struggled with these issues in the past!!
We all struggle ever day to fight the outdated stereotype that surrounds cheer...fundamentaly in this country it is a female orientated sport and as Coaches/ Parents/Athletes we should all be aware of supporting each ither as women!!!
Our sport will never be taken seriously when these issues are tolerated.
There needs to be an overall more professional approach to our national team....totally unified, without bias!!! As a parent I would be happy to pay a yearly fee to support our national team...if we all did that it could be managed as an independent programme and give the best of the best the opportunity to go and win for Scotland!!!!
In response to: Poaching
Wed 5th Aug 2020, 00:20
In response to: Zodiac
Tue 4th Aug 2020, 23:19
@post54 So they should be top of their game, good enough to be of national coach standard, but NOT be a full time coach with their own team? You must realise that's absurd. With the amount in fees TS athletes would need to pay to make that feasible would make it completely unaffordable - never mind the fact theres multiple coaches needed for various disciplines.

As for the 'authentic Scottish coach' arguement, I'm genuinely so confused as to how anyone would think bringing in someone who coaches at a world class level is a bad thing. If anything I think it's a great thing to invest in someone to come in and teach the kids and coaches. Also it really shows that a lot of the posters on here are cheer mums who dont seem to appreciate that as a kid having a camp with a coach from a team you've looked up to for years is a great experience.

It doesnt seem like a lot of the people posting here really care about the childs experience at all, if it were your own child who at the end of a season felt they would thrive more and be happier at another team would you really tell them they couldnt take that opportunity? I do, however, appreciate how upsetting it could be to a coach of their previous team dont get me wrong. I dont know anything about any 'poaching' but as cheer grows in Scotland there are so many teams cropping up in areas so close to each other, back in the original team scotland days it would have been a lot harder to move team to say Glasgow when you were from Dundee. Now there are much more options in so many areas of Scotland that changing teams is hardly new. I think you would be hard pushed to find any team that doesnt have atleast one athlete that has cheered on a different team before.
In response to: Poaching
Tue 4th Aug 2020, 23:02
@Post49, well results can single out ‘better’ coaches, but also those willing to learn and grow. In my opinion getting choreo or camps from the US can be a sign of good coaching, it shows you’re willing to learn from the best in the business. Some coaches do other health and fitness courses or mental health qualifications to help support their athletes, and that makes them stand out from the rest.

Realistically national coaches will have to have their own programme since the TS jobs aren’t full time and don’t pay well, you can’t expect anyone who’s any good to give up their own gym for it.
In response to: Poaching