Bromley Gems
Thursday 2nd of April 2020, 10:31
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7liberty (3) | Sat 18th Jan 2014 - 14:10
Hi all :)
Was going to try out for bromley gems who train near croydon at their mid season tryouts after they've been to future cheer paris... I know they're fairly new and until a couple of seasons ago were primarily a younger team but I know there senior and junior are now building up and quite successful... What are people's thoughts? Anyone seen them compete?
Click to reply to this post | Sun 2nd Feb 2014 - 16:02
i saw them at bca not very good stunts failed no tumbles
Click to reply to this post | Sun 31st Aug 2014 - 08:51
Ur soooo wrong
Click to reply to this post | Fri 24th Oct 2014 - 15:19
they are amazing my daughter joined them a few seasons ago and she's now got so much confidence also she's learnt so many new tumbles and is such a strong base would defiantly recommend them
Click to reply to this post | Sat 25th Oct 2014 - 00:24
Yeah no... Don't go there lol. that's like the worst one you could go to, croydon is close to unity, Surrey twisters, carshalton cheerleaders...
Click to reply to this post | Sun 26th Oct 2014 - 08:57
I sent them a message via their website around 2 weeks ago to see if they still had space but got no reresponse :(
Click to reply to this post | Sun 26th Oct 2014 - 12:39
From social media, they appear to have been doing a lot of ground work on their tumbles recently. But yes, it's tough for them being in the catchment area of better established programs.
Click to reply to this post | Sun 26th Oct 2014 - 15:18
don't go there loool
Click to reply to this post | Fri 12th Dec 2014 - 19:27
I saw them at BCA eastborne a while ago they had loads of teams competing and one of there teams came 2nd I believe.
Click to reply to this post | Sat 13th Dec 2014 - 00:35
They just lost out to big teams like zodiac and Ice at FC WW
Click to reply to this post | Fri 2nd Jan 2015 - 21:13
I thought they was really good
Click to reply to this post | Sun 4th Jan 2015 - 21:01
there alot better at pom dance. they smashed mini youth junior and senior pom dance divisions at BCA southern this year.
Click to reply to this post | Mon 5th Jan 2015 - 23:36
I'm on twisters and thinking of trying out for bromley gems.. They were wicked at winter wonderland and were lovely too.
Click to reply to this post | Tue 6th Jan 2015 - 00:06
Hate it when people are rude about other cheer teams. Let them have a chance especially if they are a fairly new team! Most people I know say they are a lovely team really friendly and welcoming.
Click to reply to this post | Mon 16th Feb 2015 - 22:26
We were with them for a year. They're great at dance as the main coach is involved in that and they've just started gearing up with tumbling and made that a priority and are now doing even better. We're not with them anymore but that was just for location reasons. I never diss other teams and wish them the best. At Paris we won numerous trophies including first places, second etc!
Click to reply to this post | Tue 17th Feb 2015 - 16:45
^^^ wrong
they came last in everything...
dont have a problem with their program tho wish them the best in the future love seeing UK CHEER GROW.
Reply from @post19, @post21
Click to reply to this post | Sun 25th Aug 2019 - 23:38
My daughter was there for 2 season and decided to leave this season due to no progression and kept at prep level she has her favourites and unless your in the click you get nothing from it the programme director has a big issue with treating everyone the same and offering everyone the same opportunities
Click to reply to this post | Mon 23rd Sep 2019 - 15:19
Bromley Gems is great for younger athletes and for anything under level 2, not a team that you can really progress in, most of they're athletes leave and go to unity where they make higher level teams which are more appropriate for they're age and skill set. Coaches are horrible when you leave and in many cases block athletes on social media and make comments about them at training sessions which is sad because really they should be supportive especially since they can not longer cater for that athlete
Click to reply to this post | Tue 24th Sep 2019 - 00:35
@post16, i never saw this reply until just now! 😂 Im not wrong by the way as my daughter came home with a 1st Place trophy....
Click to reply to this post | Fri 27th Sep 2019 - 22:12
1st out of a category of one. Well done.
Reply from @post22
Click to reply to this post | Sat 28th Sep 2019 - 12:07
@post16 that's results from 2014??
Click to reply to this post | Sat 28th Sep 2019 - 12:37
@post20, 😂 didnt even realise there was only 1 team as it was our first ever cheer comp so didnt really know much about it all. No need to be sarcastic though. They're still kids putting on a show. In their defence, theyre looking good on insta lately
Click to reply to this post | Sun 13th Oct 2019 - 23:48
Don’t send your kids to Bromley gems if you want them to win somewhere other than BCA
Click to reply to this post | Tue 15th Oct 2019 - 16:25
Some stormy waters over there at Bromley gems, tbh I had never heard of them until what seems like a boatload came over to Unity with their stories about how awful they are/ why they left. I get the impression it is not a large program so can they afford to lose all those people at one time? Not sure how many came over but I am sure double figures, in one season, seems a lot.
Click to reply to this post | Thu 17th Oct 2019 - 10:24
Omg everyone needs to grow up and get a life! I have nothing to do with Bromley Gems but I know their just a small family business. Why does this ‘sport’ have to be so bitchy, especially by grown women...grow up!
Click to reply to this post | Thu 17th Oct 2019 - 10:27
We’ve had Bromley gems athletes at my daughters gym, for open gyms and camps. All the girls are very talented and all their manners are impeccable
Click to reply to this post | Thu 17th Oct 2019 - 15:08
I’m a Mum from GEMS and am so proud of the fact. The women that have taken their children to Unity did so because they didn’t get the teams they though they should be on this season, threatened the coaches who wouldn’t back down (rightly so) and then pulled them out.
GEMS is my daughters world, and so many others. The coaches treat the kids like their own family and care about each and every one of them.
If you and your kids are now so happy at your new team, why are you insisting on bringing our team down which is making so many kids happy??? It doesn’t make sense...
Click to reply to this post | Thu 5th Dec 2019 - 17:04
Gems, Bromley gems, same programme, same coaching. whatever
Click to reply to this post | Sun 1st Mar 2020 - 21:43
Bromley gems is a NO progression club my daughter went there with a back walk over and left there with a back walk over ... since leaving she got her BHS & is now working on level 3 skills If I left her there to fester she would still be doing back walkover ! I never even let my daughter trial for them again last season so NO nothing to do with team placements she now flies amazingly in J2 if she was still there she would be festering still at level 1 with no level 2 skills ! Great starting point for young kids but NO OPPORTUNITIES there and I had enough of taking my daughter to train in a freezing barn yard with mats they have to lift up and put down themselves !!!
Click to reply to this post | Mon 2nd Mar 2020 - 12:05
I strongly disagree bromley gems now trading as gems athletic say what you want to hear yes I did leave 1 reason was she was in allstar team for 2 years then offered prep because the coach then decided she wasnt good enough they wasnt threaten they were told the truth and it hurt . Unless u are an arse licker your kids get no where learn no new skills which is why every parent takes there kids to Jamie's gymnastic or extra tumble classes the coaches are more worried about how they look then then the time and money put into the club the coach bad mouthed my daughter even putting indirect statues on social media very professional. Everyone has there own opinion and kn mine if you want your child to lose all self confidence then attend but I for one would never recommend whilst she was at gems I had to have numiouse conversation regarding the way she was treated and it's still happening now when u lose 20pkus girls in one season you know somthi is wrong and loads more ready to leave coz of her poor attitude
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Click to reply to this post | Thu 2nd Apr 2020 - 10:31
Hi yes people have read your comments but because they’re so nasty and clearly untrue no ones taken any notice of you.
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Wed 5th Aug 2020, 00:54
In an ideal world TS coaches would of course be at the top of their game and employed solely to coach for our country!!! Im sure alot of sports have struggled with these issues in the past!!
We all struggle ever day to fight the outdated stereotype that surrounds cheer...fundamentaly in this country it is a female orientated sport and as Coaches/ Parents/Athletes we should all be aware of supporting each ither as women!!!
Our sport will never be taken seriously when these issues are tolerated.
There needs to be an overall more professional approach to our national team....totally unified, without bias!!! As a parent I would be happy to pay a yearly fee to support our national team...if we all did that it could be managed as an independent programme and give the best of the best the opportunity to go and win for Scotland!!!!
In response to: Poaching
Wed 5th Aug 2020, 00:20
In response to: Zodiac
Tue 4th Aug 2020, 23:19
@post54 So they should be top of their game, good enough to be of national coach standard, but NOT be a full time coach with their own team? You must realise that's absurd. With the amount in fees TS athletes would need to pay to make that feasible would make it completely unaffordable - never mind the fact theres multiple coaches needed for various disciplines.

As for the 'authentic Scottish coach' arguement, I'm genuinely so confused as to how anyone would think bringing in someone who coaches at a world class level is a bad thing. If anything I think it's a great thing to invest in someone to come in and teach the kids and coaches. Also it really shows that a lot of the posters on here are cheer mums who dont seem to appreciate that as a kid having a camp with a coach from a team you've looked up to for years is a great experience.

It doesnt seem like a lot of the people posting here really care about the childs experience at all, if it were your own child who at the end of a season felt they would thrive more and be happier at another team would you really tell them they couldnt take that opportunity? I do, however, appreciate how upsetting it could be to a coach of their previous team dont get me wrong. I dont know anything about any 'poaching' but as cheer grows in Scotland there are so many teams cropping up in areas so close to each other, back in the original team scotland days it would have been a lot harder to move team to say Glasgow when you were from Dundee. Now there are much more options in so many areas of Scotland that changing teams is hardly new. I think you would be hard pushed to find any team that doesnt have atleast one athlete that has cheered on a different team before.
In response to: Poaching
Tue 4th Aug 2020, 23:02
@Post49, well results can single out ‘better’ coaches, but also those willing to learn and grow. In my opinion getting choreo or camps from the US can be a sign of good coaching, it shows you’re willing to learn from the best in the business. Some coaches do other health and fitness courses or mental health qualifications to help support their athletes, and that makes them stand out from the rest.

Realistically national coaches will have to have their own programme since the TS jobs aren’t full time and don’t pay well, you can’t expect anyone who’s any good to give up their own gym for it.
In response to: Poaching
Tue 4th Aug 2020, 22:57
National coaches should be impartial , not affiliated with current programs / existing club owners and they should VISIT ALL programs to select their athletes .

And programs / clubs / coaches should do their own training and not purchase it from the USA
if you are a coach then coach . Take advice , support each other but at least do the ground work and use your own vision.

Coaches should not poach athletes offering team placements out to kids from another club , mid season or end of season . If a child wants to move educate them about team commitment and go end of season and let it be their choice to move not via a coach poaching

That’s my opinion
In response to: Poaching