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Fri 26th Feb 2021, 13:36
The restrictions are very close up to fc nationals and that's if they even stick to plan ? My concern is what if the restrictions are still different in wales scotland and England what would happen then ?
In response to: Who's going to comps
Fri 26th Feb 2021, 11:31
Over 18s is outdoor training only until mid may then can return to indoor training. Social distancing is in place until 21st June.

I can’t see the SCE return to play being approved for stunting this time round as BG had theirs declined (for contact etc)
In response to: Who's going to comps
Fri 26th Feb 2021, 11:17
@Post26, clear guidance for sports haven't been released yet, I presume the respective Governing bodies will have to do some work with the DCMS again first. But the BBC website shows the roadmap and it says 17 May for Adult indoor sports and exercise classes - however, cheer is a very close contact sport so I'd be surprised if we are allowed to train as normal from there.

I don't want to go to any competitions this season. Even if Bournemouth goes ahead there isn't enough time to train once restrictions lift and I imagine it will take some of us a bit of time to get back into the swing of things. I've tried to keep fit but stunting is not something you can truly recreate the feeling of
In response to: Who's going to comps
Thu 25th Feb 2021, 20:23
@Post25, where does it say that over 18s can’t train til last? Aren’t they able to go back on 12th April like the other?
In response to: Who's going to comps
Thu 25th Feb 2021, 12:34
@post20 that’s not how the worlds bid process works. If bids have been carried over then no eps will award bids this year

@post24. There are 4 bid giving eps all with comps advertised for June/July but as bids have already been carried over for the teams that won them in 2019 then those teams will attend worlds 2022 as they should have done this year and in 2020!

Why is everyone so hell bent on worlds birds senior teams can’t even train until the last so it’s very doubtful and senior teams will even go to comps.
To get a works team ready after restrictions after lifted and by beginning of July is very unrealistic and I think it’s time everyone just accepted that and move on 💁🏻‍♂️
In response to: Who's going to comps