uniforms? slutty ?
Thursday 3rd of May 2012, 09:20
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I dont mean this in a rude way but anyone else think East coast tigers (ECT) uniforms looked a tad too revealing on the girls at the wkend and crops only look good if u have a six pack even on someone size 8-10 they aren't flattering and bum length skirts ??? bit too indecent i though from an audience perspective - I wouldnt put my fifteen year old daughter in such a skimpy uniform if I am honest,I wonder how comfortable someof the bigger girls are about wearing them, the design is pretty just too skimpy overall , what do other people think ?
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I think it looked amazing!

loads of teams had crops on at the weekend

I didnt notice any big girls on ECT ?
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Well cea and world cup where them just like that, at worlds last year I noticed a few larger girls on world cup,

We don't see any 'curios cheer mums' moaning about them,

I havnt see East coast tigers uniform in person yet, but I'm defending crops for everyone !!!!!!!
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east coast tigers uniforms are incredible, and fit the girls fine, i think maybe its just a change to some people seeing a real allstars uniform, they were great on the weekend, i think uniforms like that are great as long as they fit but some uk teams seem to be stuffing there girls into stuff that isnt there size, if your gonna see your spankies the whole routine why not just wear shorts? a culprit of this has to be north london wildcats, but they are not the only ones who could use some help with sizing, also make sure your spankies fit, if they are up your ass then they are not working and very distracting
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I think it's such a shame that you felt the need to name a particular team. You could have made your points without singling out one squad on a public forum. In a world where girls are so self-conscious about their weight, surely we should be promoting body confidence? I really hope that none of the girls on ECT start thinking they don't look good in their gorgeous new uniforms! Their new GK uniforms are very much 'on trend' and in keywith the allstar fashion in the U.S! If you don't wish for your 15 year old to wear a cropped uniform then that's your choice, but there really was no need to use the word 'slutty'.

Tigers I think you look stunning, don't take it to heart.
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Our uniforms were chosen as a team, I wouldn't make my girls wear anything they weren't comfortable wearing. We absolutely love them and we felt amazing out there on the floor. As for your comment about 'the bigger girls'... None of my girls are big! They all look fantastic and you don't need a 6pack to wear a crop, you just need confidence. We looked damn good ;)
Click to reply to this post | Tue 22nd Feb 2011 - 09:12
If you dont want your 15 yo to wear one thats fine but this is the US allstar fashion atm.

Just a point about ECT I would like to mention is how well they conducted themselves at the weekend,

they cheered on every team, many times i saw them at the side of the mat screaming other teams on,

They cheered for everyone in awards with little chants and even went wild with and for stars elite when they took grand champs

They also supported many of the Unity Superstars very well by teaching them the open floor dances and taking photos with them,

Who ever coaches them should be very proud and I as coach hope my girls take note

Well done ECT
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Loving the green eyed monsters coming out ect & wildcats all look amazing in their uniforms, Awwwwww do you have a hideous old type of uniform or maybe you are being squeezed into a uniform to tight for your ignorant fat arse. Get a life & leave these girls alone!
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I'm not on ECT but i'm 5'11, a size 16 - probably what you had in mind when you think of "bigger girls" and i'd have no problem at all with wearing their uniform.

As long as the girls are comfortable they could turn up on stage in cropped binbags for all I care. The ECT uniforms are very good quality, well made uniforms and for a crop style they are very flattering. I should know about flattering - I work full time as a model and havehad to wear some hideous things through that. I'd also like to say kudos to the girls (and Dave and Jason) for having the guts to go with such an American cutting edge style.

And as for their conduct at the weekend - that would not shock me at all. Those guys are some of the most lovely, genuine people in the sport and I can only hope the bitchy squads take a good hard look at how ECT's attitude wins them recognition on and off the floor.
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Not gonna lie, ECT's uniform is one of the best uniforms I have ever seen! It is so beautiful and they all really work it! You can see that when they perform, they love and have so much confidence which is amazing! It shouldn't matter about size and has nothing to do with it:)
ECT are such an amazing team and I love every single one of them so just leave them alone!x x x x
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Im a member of ECT's junior squad and the uniforms are absolutely stunning. The whole of our team and the senior team love them. As other people have said it is the latest 'fashion' in US ALLSTAR uniforms. They're very fashionable, yes they're revealing but you need to have confidence to be able to wear them.
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Im on ECT :) and i don't think that our uniforms are slutty, there practical, the crop tops help cool us down and its easier to stunt in our short skirts? i felt perfectly comfortable in mine and i don't have a 6 pack ;)tbh i don't want one. Our uniform makes me feel like a super hero :D
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if you thought the uniforms were inappropriate maybe you should look at your language your using to describe them, thats inappropriate! way to put a damper on such a great sport and something we all enjoy. what goes around comes around, im glad your not my mum!
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Really don't understand why the sudden outcry about ects uniform when there's loads of teams with the exact same style already. Fair enough if you don't like the current allstar trend but no need to say people look slutty. I've seen loads of teams who have some athletes in crop some with under leotards if they don't like or want to wear crop. Not a big deal really! I'm sure teams would rather be discussed for their skills than bleeding uniform GET A LIFE!!!!
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I think it's completely wrong to point out just one team when there are lots with crop uniforms now! I think its a definite trend and not slutty at all... They're more practical, and boost a teams confidence a lot when on the floor! It's a teams decision as to whether or not they want them, and I'm sure they take every cheerleaders opinion into account. If you don't want your daughter wearing a cropped uniform, don't put her in a team that has them... It's just keeping up with the times, no one does the whole baggy uniforms with pleated skirts and high necks now really... Just how times have changed.
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its sad that you feel that way about our uniforms. yes, if someone felt uncomfortable about the uniforms & didnt feel confident, the coaches would actually take that in mind, we have 2 amazing coaches who are in the routine with us, who do wear the uniforms themselves and they feel exactly how we feel.

i could name so many teams from the top of my head (but i'm not going to!) that have the same style uniforms as us and no one has mentioned about their uniforms last year?

its a joke that you feel everyone who has crop tops have to have 6 packs or be a size 8-10. we do not want weak, stick thin, unhealthy cheerleaders starving themselves and throwing up after every meal just because they feel like they should be super skinny in such a style of uniform when they should already feel good about themselves anyways, your meant to have fun at competitions? and most of the girls on my team are still growing, and they shouldnt worry about their weight, should be worrying about school and boys.. haha kidding not boys. but school and stuff.

but personaly, its not about how anyone else feels cos you dont have to wear them? the girls on my team and I do and the girls had the guts to go out there, and have such confidence, i've never seen you guys that confident in my 4 years of being on this team. I'm so grateful to my coaches Jess&Dave and the team. <3
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the uniforms arent slutty at all! there beautiful and not one of the team look big in it there all fine the way they are! ECT are such a lovely friendly team why be negative about the uniforms they have ?! ECT you have lovely uniforms and well done this weekend!thanks for your support sunday love you all <3
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Yes, so if all coaches can from now on not choose nice uniforms for your team i'd be very grateful because its just not fair on the fattys that don't have the figure for it.

Its not fair to let the slim girls who take pride in their appearance look good, we have to think of the fat girls feelings here, it's not their fault, they just like cream cakes....a lot.

No but seriously it's because of their genetics and bone structure, oh no wait thats bollox, it's the bad diet and lack of exercise.

Just piss off, lose some weight or quit cheering. One day you might even get your dumpy ass flying...ever heard of running

Reply from @post30, @post41
Click to reply to this post | Wed 23rd Feb 2011 - 07:34
Loved Ect kits!
I did see at the weekend a little too much bum though (not ect in particular) lots of too short skirts that didn't cover spankies.
Click to reply to this post | Wed 23rd Feb 2011 - 09:59
Now if im right i believe ECT kits where deisgned to fit each team memeber personally and they offer a nude leotard like mid section for anyone who did feel uncomfortable, i think I noticed some girls wearing those,

ECT taliored their unifrom to fit every team members needs and it looked beautiful
Click to reply to this post | Wed 23rd Feb 2011 - 11:10
Well at this point i'd like to say that your post is complete and utter bull.

I'm 5'11, a size 16, with a classic hourglass shape (41-31-41in, 35in inside leg as well). I dont wobble when I run, I go to the gym several times a week (exactly how many varies depending on what modelling work i have coming in), I dont smoke, binge drink or eat unhealthy food and believe it or not I AM PERFECTLY HAPPY BEING SLIGHTLY LARGER THAN MY FRIENDS.

I have come to accept that the way im built wont ever let me be a size 0, so I work hard to stay at what is healthy for my body. Seriously, get a grip. Sure there are bigger kids out there who could lose weight, but i'm not one of them.
Click to reply to this post | Wed 23rd Feb 2011 - 13:36
Love ect and love the uniform! Xxxx
Click to reply to this post | Wed 23rd Feb 2011 - 13:54
Gawddd you're absolutely right! My uniform is soo slutty :)And makes my bum look big :( But geez does it help my body breathhh :) How else would i get my umm.. double punch double? ;)

Hiii, i'm cellulite sally! look at my hugee badonky :) But don't forget about mee, i'm backfat betty... Now who coulda said that?! ohh yeahh! its Tina the talking tummmmy!

I cant even wear a short skirt and a top without looking likea FAT PIGG!

Just something to think about :) peacee out.
Click to reply to this post | Wed 23rd Feb 2011 - 18:43
its personal choice! they paid alot of money for there uniforms and worked hard for them
girls nowadays are too self consious but go for it i say!
you looked ace at the weekend loved the tigers in stones!! but the more stones the better i say

good luck for the rest of the season dont let a few ppl get you down xx
Click to reply to this post | Thu 24th Feb 2011 - 17:30
yes i agree with you just like those rsd ones dreadful!
Click to reply to this post | Fri 25th Feb 2011 - 12:36
As this is a competitive sport where the athletes are going to get hot and stuffy, and excess fabric or loose fitting garments could trap a bases arm in a catch, I would say that crop tops, spankies (preferably boy cut like shorts) and a short, tight skirt are the most sport appropriate clothing. If you believe that this look is 'slutty' this is probably due to the similar outfits many girls wear in innapropriate situations. A bikini onthe beach is fine - wearing a bikini in to school or work is not. A marathon runner in a crop top and short shorts is fine, but going out to a bar in a similar outfit may give off the wrong impression. In the context of competitive cheer these sorts of outfits are acceptable wear, as they are designed to be ergonomic to the athlete. Some 'bigger' girls may feel fine wearing them, some may not - but consider that some 'smaller' girls may feel uncomfortable too - it really depends more on body confidence, social/moral upbringing and what you personally consider appropriate/innappropriate attire. Coaches should choose a uniform based on the age of their squad as well as considering the comfort of the squad to go out and wear that uniform in public. They have to match that with what will work best in a competitive cheer routine. A lot of the old-school more 'modest' uniforms get too hot, which can lead to heat stroke in athletes. They also have more areas between shell tops/undertops/skirts/spankies/straps etcfor bases hands to get caught up during stunting.
In conclusion the new style uniforms are probably safer - but coaches should consider whether it is age appropriate and whether athletes will feel comfortable wearing cropped tops and short skirts. Some teams have gone for a half-half approach with a long undertop option for those who do not wish to expose their mid-riff.
Cheerleaders fight against the stereo-type of 'sluts' enough as it is. Let's not start bandying such accusations around amongst ourselves!
Click to reply to this post | Mon 30th Apr 2012 - 01:11
Im a size 16 6 ft tall female cheerleader. i don't think i'd ever have the confidence to wear crops to cheer in after reading what some people have written on this post. Girls struggle enough with worrying about how they look, whether they are pretty enough, thin enough etc but by saying bigger girls shouldn't wear crops just because you may think they don't look good enough will just make them feel worse about themselves. and @post21 i go to the gym every day, eat healthily, train for 2 hours a day at least walk pretty much everywhere and i'm still the size i am despite all that. i'm also a science student at university and though you may believe girls being bigger isn't anything to do with bone structure and genetics it is so may wanna quit while your ahead in terms of subjects you don't understand. you'll just embarrass yourself. fair play to all the girls out there that are confident enough to pull some of the skimpier cheerleading outfits off whatever size you are you're all gorgeous. keep it up ladies. xxx
Reply from @post33
Click to reply to this post | Mon 30th Apr 2012 - 10:40
Congratulations - you've successfully managed to drag up a topic that was over a year old and had already been put to bed. Just to have your say. Idiot.
Click to reply to this post | Mon 30th Apr 2012 - 18:15
wah thought we'd seen the last of this thread.

i think the girls look amazing, possibly one of the best looking teams in the uk, they all work that uniform!
Click to reply to this post | Mon 30th Apr 2012 - 18:48
@post30 if you do all the exercise you claim to, and eat a 'healthy/balanced' diet, you would not be a size 16 unless you had another underlying medical condition like hypothyroidism or such like. Take it from a qualified medical professional who, also thought she had a healthy diet and trainned hard and borderlining a size12/14, bmi 26.5. I looked at my diet and how I was training and in 6 months lost 1 & a half stone and am much healthier and dropped a dress size. So please dont b******t.
Reply from @post36, @post37
Click to reply to this post | Mon 30th Apr 2012 - 20:50
I am 5ft and weigh 93lbs my bmi is 18.2 and I am supposedly under weight when I know I am not. I eat as much as I can haha, I exercise 5 times a week. I know I am healthy but your bmi doesn't mean everything. You see all these children in the paper that get told they are over weight when there is nothing of them. You may say I am under weight but I know I am not. I am a size 8
Reply from @post42
Click to reply to this post | Mon 30th Apr 2012 - 20:57
im 6ft and weigh 204lbs and my bmi says im obese or something....literally the worlds worst way of determining if you're healthy or not....muscle weighs a lot more than fat! :)
healthy is mental as well as physical so if you like the look of yourself then that is all that counts! be yourself for noone else can be :)
Reply from @post42
Click to reply to this post | Mon 30th Apr 2012 - 21:00
FYI @post33. As a medical professional you should know that the BMI's are unreliable for most people who play sports. Bone density and muscle play a huge factor in weight.
Reply from @post42
Click to reply to this post | Mon 30th Apr 2012 - 22:16
@post33 didn't suggest that BMIs were totally reliable, they were mostly talking about dress size which is a pretty good indication!

If you have a lot of muscle, yes you do weigh more but you do not look any bigger or have a significantly bigger dress size. For example I am 5"2 and weigh almost 9 stone, but still never wear anything bigger than an 8.

Also I think a size 16 is probably reasonable when you're 6 foot tall :)
Reply from @post42
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Jen (1809) | Mon 30th Apr 2012 - 22:46
clothes size also depends on your shape though you may be absolutely tiny but have a larger chest etc which puts you up dress sizes
Click to reply to this post | Tue 1st May 2012 - 11:37
i think people who comment on what you all call the larger cheerleader are wrong they are as good as any other cheerleader and how dare you comment they have feelings some off you people on here are disgusting they way you talk about other cheerleaders !! you shouldnt be bothered about how they look you should look more at what they put on the floor because they could quite possibly whoop your teams arse if all you are bothered about is how they look, and even if they do wear crops they are obviously confident in what they are wearing and also proud off what they put on the floor x
Click to reply to this post | Tue 1st May 2012 - 13:14
All the new uniforms are gorgous, doesnt matter what size you are, the girls all look fantastic and are so talented, ppl just put these teams down as they are jelous and have nothing better 2 do.
Click to reply to this post | Tue 1st May 2012 - 21:57
Someone please tell me how a "bigger" girl who trains on an allstar team can be "fat" because she doesn't exercise???

Pretty sure the fact she's a cheerleader means she does???

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CheerioN (8) | Tue 1st May 2012 - 22:08
@post34 @post35 @post36. As @post37 said I never said bmi was an exact science I was using it as an example. I also carry a lot of muscle so know mine is never going to be on the lower end of the scale, however to some people (believe me there are some rather uneducated people out there) a bmi is an easy scale for them to start with. There is a lot more in my post than going on and on about BMI and the rest of my post still stands. I too was a 'bigger' cheerleader than most when I cheered, however I didnt kid myself that I was super-healthy, and unless you are a size 16 because you have big brests then it is not a healthy size for a girl to be. I'm not saying you are unattractive at this size, I am not saying you shouldnt cheer, everyone should have the opporunity to do a sport they love to do and have fun doing it. I'm sorry if you dont agree with this statement but no doctor in the land will tell you a size 16 WAISTLINE (not chest size) is a healthy one, reguarless of the exercise you do.
Click to reply to this post | Wed 2nd May 2012 - 19:36
Love threads that start with 'I don't mean to be rude but' honestly that's exactly what you knew you were being just be truthful people respect it more. It's kinda like when you start a sentence with. 'no offence' when you know that what your about to say is going to be offensive :D anyway ECT unis are gorgeous and if they feel fantastic in them then don't get why anyone else gives a stuff. Big or small it's all about the confidence ! (stole that off a great philosopher ..Gok
Click to reply to this post | Wed 2nd May 2012 - 20:24
does anyone have a link to pics?
Click to reply to this post | Wed 2nd May 2012 - 23:38
i thought the uniforms were gorgeous. Maybe the skirts could be slightly longer. But tbf the girls carry it off.
They all look confident in it, and if they like it then who cares?? They are the ones wearing it.
Click to reply to this post | Thu 3rd May 2012 - 04:50
At least they look better than dorset dragons uniform.

DD's uni's are discusting!
Click to reply to this post | Thu 3rd May 2012 - 09:20
Oh I love dragons uni love the colour and its not like anyone elses. I guess its just personal taste.
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